There are plans to build a new approximately 160-seat bistro complete with an outdoor area.

The new reception will also provide a concierge service.

The Auditorium will accommodate approximately 90 people.

There will be 3 ground-floor meeting rooms covering an overall area of approximately 80 square metres.

Lockers & showers area

There will be 8 showers and 36 lockers in the building’s basement.


The Ten Building will be certified in accordance with the environmental sustainability guidelines set in the BREAAM protocol currently in use.


Interior finishes

The office area will be completely upgraded.
-There will be open spaces guaranteeing flexibility and efficiency in terms of crowding.
- Fake ceilings made of modular fibre panels with a class A sound absorption rating (0.90/1.00).
- A floating floor with a standard (PVC) surface made of 60x60 pieces, class 1-certified for fireproofing.
- The restrooms will be completely upgraded and accessorised.

Plants & Systems

Air-conditioning system: the old air-conditioning system will be completely replaced. The new four-way units will be placed in the fake ceilings to guarantee maximum comfort for the workspaces and adapt perfectly to the tenant’s desired layout. Lighting appliances will be provided in all the emergency areas.

The will also be:
- Fire detection systems
- A sound system for evacuating the building.
- A burglar-alarm system.
- A video surveillance and access monitoring system.
- Building Management System (BMS) for
controlling the air-conditioning system
and lights.
- 6 lifts (3 for each stairwell) and 2 goods hoists.

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